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In a monumental industry like healthcare, transformation requires dedication, financial investment and real manpower. We invest in innovative companies and provide the resources to help our partners grow and change the future of healthcare.

About Nueterra Capital

Nueterra Capital was founded to empower entrepreneurs — to equip innovative minds with the capital, resources and expertise to help drive change in the healthcare industry.

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Axiom Regenerative Therapies is a stem cell therapy company that empowers clinicians with an evidence-based regenerative medicine program. Axiom brings leading science to autologous cellular therapies for Platelet-Rich Plasma, Alpha2 Macroglobulin, Amniotic Fluid, Bone Marrow and Adipose tissue stem cells. This turnkey program arms physicians with the most advance protocols in biotechnologies, a National Patient Registry and Digital Patient Care. Axiom helps navigate the uncertain FDA regulatory waters through the risks and rewards of next-generation, cell-enhanced ortho/spine surgery and pain management.

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