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In a monumental industry like healthcare, transformation requires dedication, financial investment and real manpower. We invest in innovative companies and provide the resources to help our partners grow and change the future of healthcare.

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Nueterra Capital was founded to empower entrepreneurs — to equip innovative minds with the capital, resources and expertise to help drive change in the healthcare industry.

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HealthJoy is an all-in-one cost containment and guidance platform that helps employees make better healthcare decisions. The platform brings together medical professionals, advocates, Rx savings, an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant, and more into an easy-to-use app that employees love. HealthJoy works for companies of all size, from 50 to 50,000 employees, both self-funded and fully-insured.

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Portfolio Spotlight

Logo for HealthJoy, a Nueterra Capital Portfolio Company
Logo for Healium, a Nueterra Capital portfolio company

Healium VR Kits Bring Comfort to Nashville Tornado Survivors

Already in Nashville, the Healium team saw an immediate need for their anxiety-reducing virtual reality platform.
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Sickweather | A Nueterra Capital Portfolio Company

Sickweather Warns Flu-Like Symptoms Will Continue Through Summer

Sickweather's analysis is based on real-time data.
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Logo for Casetabs, a Nueterra Capital portfolio company

Casetabs Feature Will Be Available to HST Pathways ASC Customers at No Charge

Casetabs' Schedule Sharing feature allows referring practices and physicians to view schedules through a mobile app or desktop website.
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