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In a monumental industry like healthcare, transformation requires dedication, financial investment and real manpower. We invest in innovative companies and provide the resources to help our partners grow and change the future of healthcare.

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Nueterra Capital was founded to empower entrepreneurs — to equip innovative minds with the capital, resources and expertise to help drive change in the healthcare industry.

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Sickweather knows where sick people are and where they will be up to 15 weeks in advance. Their patented social listening technology detects illness trends in real-time at a hyper local level, in over 120 countries. That data is then modeled into 15-week forecasts and a threat level index call the SickScore. Sickweather recently introduced the COVID-19 Score, indicating the risk factor for illness in a particular city. Users can research the risk for their own locations, as well as those of their friends and families. They can also report COVID-19 cases within the app itself.

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Portfolio Spotlight

Sickweather | A Nueterra Capital Portfolio Company
Logo for Healium, a Nueterra Capital portfolio company

Healium Partners with U.S. Air Force to Help Military Service Members

Healium will provide its "drugless" therapy solution to military service members undergoing or at risk of a mental health crisis.
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Logo for HealthJoy, a Nueterra Capital Portfolio Company

Dr. Karoline Hilu Joins HealthJoy Board of Directors

Dr. Kilu's expertise in the emerging healthcare market will help HealthJoy accelerate the company's strategic vision.
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Moving Analytics | A Nueterra Capital Portfolio Company

Moving Analytics Raises $6M in Series Seed-2 Round

The additional funding will be used to expand the company's virtual cardiac rehabilitation program Movn.
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