Nueterra Capital was founded by a team of entrepreneurs who are dedicated to transforming how we think about and deliver business and consumer solutions.

Dan Tasset, Chairman, Nueterra Capital

Dan Tasset

Jeremy Tasset, Chief Executive Officer, Nueterra Capital

Jeremy Tasset
Chief Executive Officer

Mark A. Jones, Chief Financial Officer, Nueterra Capital

Mark A. Jones
Chief Financial Officer

Scott C. Palecki, Nueterra Capital General Counsel

Scott C. Palecki
General Counsel

Kevin Standefer, Managing Director, Nueterra Capital

Kevin Standefer
Managing Director

Emmanuel Emah-Emeni, Managing Director at Nueterra Capital

Emmanuel Emah-Emeni
Managing Director

Headshot of Travis Tasset, Senior Vice President, Nueterra Capital

Travis Tasset
Senior Vice President

Brandon Tasset, Senior Vice President, Nueterra Capital

Brandon Tasset
Senior Vice President

Clint Myers, Nueterra Capital Vice President

Clint Myers
Vice President