Prospective Study Demonstrates Clinically Significant Fusion Rates for Spinal Simplicity’s Minuteman Device

August 31, 2023 / Nueterra Capital Marketing

Spinal Simplicity | A Nueterra Capital Portfolio Company

The American Society of Pain & Neuroscience’s Journal of Pain Research has published a study showing clinically significant fusion rates and prospective fusion outcomes in patients who received Spinal Simplicity‘s Minuteman fusion device for the treatment of degenerative spine diseases, according to a press release issued by the company.

For the study “Instrumented Posterior Arthrodesis of the Lumbar Spine: Prospective Study Evaluating Fusion Outcomes in Patients Receiving an Interspinous Fixation Device for the Treatment of Degenerative Spine Diseases,” three independent radiologists assessed the patients’ fusion. Approximately 93% of the assessed levels were fused, and there were no instances of device migration, mechanical failures, or device-related reoperations. No patients were excluded from the study based on comorbidities including cancer, diabetes, prior surgery, or a history of smoking.

“This announcement today reflects what we’ve known all along: The Minuteman device fuses,” said Spinal Simplicity CEO Todd Moseley.