Meet the CEO: Sickweather (VIDEO)

December 10, 2019 / Nueterra Capital Marketing

“Meet the CEO” is a series of videos introducing the CEOs of the inaugural LaunchKC Health Accelerator. In this video, Sickweather CEO Laurel Edelman explains how Sickweather helps people avoid getting sick.


Video Transcript

I’m Laurel Edelman with Sickweather. We’re based in Kansas City, Missouri. Sickweather is the world’s only platform for tracking disease surveillance using social media. We follow illnesses that are appearing in your community, and we let you know through what we call a SickScoreĀ® the level of illness in your community. So you can know to take precautions: whether or not there’s a lot of flu out there, what the allergy levels are, if there’s strep throat going around. We’re kind of like the Doppler radar of illness.