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Nueterra Health Alliance
Unite with providers who are focused on transforming healthcare and lowering costs for consumers and employers.Read more >>
Revenue-Generating Programs and Services
Tap into powerful programs and services to improve your financial results. Read more >>
Facilities and Partnerships
Nueterra's success is built on partnerships and creating joint-venture collaborations. It's the core of what we do. Read more >>
Innovative Efficiencies
Professional management enables our providers to focus on the delivery of care. Read more >>
Uniting Patients & Providers
Connecting more patients with more providers is just one way that we'll fulfill our mission of creating a truly borderless world of care that spans the globe. Read more >>
News & Blog
December 29, 2014 / The Cost of Healthcare | The Employer's Dilemma: Employee Costs Are Outpacing Earnings
As employers, you want to provide desirable benefits for your employees. You want your employees to feel rewarded and satisfied so they continue to use their talents to build your business. However, recent changes in the healthcare industry have made …> read more
December 17, 2014 / Nueterra Global Alliance Expands into Canada
Nueterra Global Alliance (NGA) is proud to announce it’s raising the level of healthcare by expanding its international partnerships to include Canada. Mega Assistance Services, NGA’s new Canadian ambassador, is facilitating access to top …> read more
December 15, 2014 / Standing on the Shoulders of a Giant
In recent years, some doctors have felt their sense of job satisfaction decline. Decreasing wages, increasing paperwork, and complications with the nation's healthcare system all weigh heavy on doctors' shoulders. However, providing medical care to …> read more
November 25, 2014 / Leadership and Management: fierce tactics to solve problems and hold difficult conversations
Within an organization, there are always situations where communication is key. Just like anyone, managers can dread holding difficult situations like dealing with confrontation or delegating tasks. At Nueterra, Travis Tasset, VP of organizational …> read more

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