Entrepreneur, Philanthropist & Leader In Healthcare Transformation

Dan Tasset / Chairman

Dan Tasset founded Nueterra Capital as a way to revolutionize the healthcare experience and the technologies that will continue driving it forward. In his 20-year history of developing focused medical facilities and pioneering new physician ownership models, Dan has capitalized on every opportunity to influence new industry sectors and is now equipping others to affect greater change.


To transform healthcare, Dan is investing in those who have made industry advancement their singular mission.


An Industry-Leading Healthcare Enterprise


As a seasoned entrepreneur with an extensive history in finance and healthcare management, Dan has led Nueterra Capital to become a leading private equity firm that invests in multiple aspects of healthcare. Leveraging strategic partnerships and a keen understanding of emerging healthcare trends, Dan has equipped nearly a dozen unique companies with the resources and expertise to steer industry change.


Today, Dan continues to guide Nueterra Capital toward investment partnerships that focus on technology, property, service and insurance companies whose work can help curb rising medical costs and truly re-architect America’s healthcare delivery models.

Dan Tasset, Chairman, Nueterra Capital