A new economy is taking shape. That means new investment opportunities are forming, too. At Nueterra Capital, our investment strategy capitalizes on this change.

We believe the types of problems businesses and consumers face is changing, and with that change comes significant opportunities for companies who can innovate quickly. Our strategy is to invest in companies that embrace change as a means of economic growth and demonstrate a commitment to their vision.

These are some of the indicators we assess:

Payment Reform

Many industries are transitioning to value-based models that drive transparent pricing and quality metrics, acknowledging that people have become more discerning customers with more options.

Risk Transfer

Financial risk is allocated among multiple stakeholders and even the end consumer.

Data and Analytics

As data continues to flood the market, there’s a greater need for software that connects networks and analyzes behavior. Insights in these areas are fundamental to change.


Mergers and acquisitions are continually driven by economies of scale, software inter-operability and increased capital needs.

At Nueterra Capital…

We focus our investments into these sectors based on our assessment of market trends and opportunities.


Individuals and/or institutions that provide end-use solutions to consumers


Companies offering services that integrate providers and consumers

Real Estate

Property used by and leased to providers


New and innovative products, software, devices and applications