Meet the CEO: WellBrain (VIDEO)

December 19, 2019 / Nueterra Capital Marketing

“Meet the CEO” is a series of videos introducing the CEOs of the inaugural LaunchKC Health Accelerator. In this video, WellBrain CEO Sumeet Maniar explains how the company’s digital health platform is helping to combat the opiate epidemic.


Video Transcript

My name is Sumeet Maniar and I’m the CEO of WellBrain, and we’re based in Northern California in San Francisco.

We are a digital health, chronic pain management platform that enables physicians and providers and hospital systems to prescribe, if you will, mindfulness and other evidence-based non-opiate modalities to help treat chronic pain and help fight the opiate epidemic.

Basically, we’re an iPad-based solution in the hospital or provider setting. The patient comes in, gets administered some diagnostics, and then gets introduced to some deep breathing exercises to use at home with a smartphone and it’s all physician trackable. And we’ve expanded to offer other types of solutions for providers, such as accelerated pre-auth approval for neurostimulation for third-party medical devices – which is another form of evidence-based non-opiate modality. And the initial results, with respect to our platform, are we’ve shown reductions in patients’ opiate prescriptions, reductions in their pain scores, and also self-reported reductions in emergency room visits. So that’s what WellBrain is about. We are mission-driven as well. And we look to help communities in need with our software, not only selling to hospital systems but also the outpatient as well.