Meet the CEO: TheraWe (VIDEO)

December 17, 2019 / Nueterra Capital Marketing

“Meet the CEO” is a series of videos introducing the CEOs of the inaugural LaunchKC Health Accelerator. In this video, TheraWe CEO Kaitlin Doyle discusses how TheraWe Connect is improving the experience of pediatric therapy for patients, providers, and parents.


Video Transcript

I’m Kaitlyn Doyle, with TheraWe Connect in Kansas City, Missouri. TheraWe Connect is a HIPAA compliant, mobile video platform that bridges the gap between the therapy center and the home. So it’s a platform that really improves the communication and collaboration between the parent and the therapy provider in multiple organizations in the pediatric therapy market.

My co-founder, Kirby, saw that there was a need. He had a family member who was going through the Early Intervention program in the state of Missouri and navigating pediatric therapy is a challenge for sure. He thought, “Surely I can help solve this problem.” When I met Kirby I had moved from the home setting to the clinic, and working in the clinic I saw that there was a definite need for understanding what truly was going on at home. If you have that understanding then you can better help that client. So we partnered together to create a platform that will do just that.