Meet the CEO: Healium (VIDEO)

December 3, 2019 / Nueterra Capital Marketing

Welcome to the first in a series of videos introducing the CEOs of the inaugural LaunchKC Health Accelerator. In our first video, CEO and Chief Storyteller Sarah Hill explains Healium, the world’s first virtual and augmented reality platform powered by brainwaves and heart rate via consumer wearables.


Video Transcript

I am Sarah Hill, the CEO of Healium and we are based in Columbia, Missouri. Healium is a virtual and augmented reality product that is for areas of acute situational workplace stress and it’s for emotional healing. Healium is spelled H-E-A-L-I-U-M and essentially, our product is able to reduce that fast activity in the brain quickly in as little as four minutes.

It’s unique because compared to any other mindfulness or meditative program, it allows you to see your feelings displayed real-time inside the environment and to know that your brain patterns via brain sensing headband, or your heat rate via your smart watch, has the ability to not only control the virtual world but the real world as well.

So, our technology — and we have a patent — is kind of like power steering for traditional mindfulness and meditation, that you are able to plug in your consumer wearables and be able to literally have power and to be able to control your world.