Hospital Workers Using Healium Virtual Reality Platform to Improve Mental Health

February 17, 2022 / Nueterra Capital Marketing

Nueterra Capital portfolio company Healium has partnered with Columbia, Missouri hospital Boone Health to “assess the impact of mind-powered virtual reality and neurofeedback to improve mood and reduce stress among front-line health care workers,” according to an article in Yahoo! News. One hundred Boone Health employees participated in the initial study, in which they experienced a four-minute virtual trip to a New Zealand beach. After their Healium sessions, the health care workers reported reduced tension, increased feelings of happiness and calm, and improved moods overall.

The full study, published in Frontiers in Virtual Reality, concluded that Healium use led to “a significant and comparable decrease of certain negative mood states (Anger, Depression, Tension).”

The virtual reality headsets used in the study were donated by Healium to the hospital, where they are now in rotation among different hospital wards so more staff can benefit from their use. In a follow-up story from KRCG, hospital staff said that Healium has quickly become a hit.