Nueterra Capital CEO Jeremy Tasset Featured in Startland News Article on Venture Capital in KC

September 22, 2022 / Nueterra Capital Marketing

Nueterra Capital CEO Jeremy Tasset was recently featured in the Startland News article “Venture experts: Getting your first check in KC is too difficult, but a record influx of coastal investors isn’t a bad substitute.” Tasset explained that local investors’ apparent hesitancy to fund early-stage companies means missed opportunities to spur economic development and job creation throughout Kansas City. While acknowledging overall growth among Kansas City venture capital-backed companies, Tasset also called on local investors to do more – and stated Nueterra Capital’s commitment to doing the same. “I don’t know how we’re going to change it quite yet, but we’re going to change it, and we have to change it,” Tasset said. “Otherwise, we’re going to continue to lose talent to other cities. Kansas City has gotta do a better job of investing in our own.”