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Moving Analytics’ Cardiac Rehab App Helps with Social Distancing, Completion Rate

Moving Analytics | A Nueterra Capital Portfolio Company

Moving Analytics | A Nueterra Capital Portfolio Company

Portland, Oregon CBS affiliate KOIN recently profiled Nueterra Capital portfolio company Moving Analytics and the success of its cardiac rehab app in both allowing patients to complete their recovery while social distancing and in increasing completion rates. After Kaiser Permanente Sunnyside Medical Center incorporated Moving Analytics’ app in its patient treatment plans, Dr. Siobhan Gray observed rehab completion rates of 90%, compared with traditional rehab completion rates of 13-20%. You can watch – or read – the story here.

CareSignal Announces Partnership with Innovaccer

Nueterra Capital portfolio company CareSignal has announced a partnership with Innovaccer to combine more than two dozen condition-specific patient monitoring programs with population health data insights for more integrated care and improved clinical outcomes. CareSignal provides patient engagement and monitoring tools to identify patients whose health is worsening in the community and offers evidence-based, end-to-end support services for chronic medical conditions such as asthma, CHF, COPD, diabetes, depression, and hypertension. Healthcare technology company Innovaccer leverages artificial intelligence and analytics to automate routine workflows and reduce manual overhead to facilitate more person-centered care. You can read more here.

Healium App Featured in Forbes

Logo for Healium, a Nueterra Capital portfolio company

Logo for Healium, a Nueterra Capital portfolio company

On the heels of winning the P&G Ventures Innovation Challenge, Nueterra Capital portfolio company Healium was featured in Forbes. In “Healium Is the Self-Help App You Need for Managing Anxiety and Stress,” Healium CEO Sarah Hill explains how the app works, its role in reducing both stress and the medical costs associated with stress, and how it might one day be for sale at your local drugstore. You can read the full article here.

CareSignal CEO Blake Marggraff Featured on The Takeoff

Blake Marggraff, CEO of Nueterra Capital portfolio company CareSignal, was featured on The Takeoff, an interview series designed to teach and inspire the next generation of startup and technology leaders. Marggraff discusses a variety of topics with hosts Roshan Chandna and Michael Spiro, including what to consider when working with investors: “If you’re going to get the most bang for your buck, look for investors that give you more than just money.” You can read the full interview here. Note: This interview was conducted prior to both COVID-19 and the rebranding of the company from Epharmix to CareSignal.

Moving Analytics Chosen as Platinum Winner of MassChallenge HealthTech 2020

Moving Analytics | A Nueterra Capital Portfolio Company

Moving Analytics | A Nueterra Capital Portfolio Company

Nueterra Capital portfolio company Moving Analytics has been named the 2020 Platinum Winner of the MassChallenge HealthTech program. Over 350 applicants applied to the program last fall, and only 27 of those, including Moving Analytics, were accepted. Moving Analytics was one of three winners for the 2020 cohort. The MassChallenge HealthTech program is a six-month accelerator in which later stage companies partner with top businesses to solve key challenges and receive support for development and product validation. Moving Analytics was chosen for its development of Movn, a virtual cardiac rehabilitation platform. You can read the full announcement here.

CareSignal Partners with Texas Health Aetna on Remote Monitoring Service

Nueterra Capital portfolio company CareSignal has partnered with insurer Texas Health Aetna to launch a remote monitoring service for patients in North Texas with diabetes, hypertension, and asthma. CareSignal’s innovative technology allows patients to respond to text-based or interactive voice response questions, which are collected by a system dashboard and sent electronically to health providers and clinical teams. Providers can then triage patients and determine the appropriate level of care. This model results in a highly effective use of the healthcare delivery system and reduces costs for both patients and payors. You can read the article in D Magazine here.

Healium Wins P&G Ventures Innovation Challenge

Logo for Healium, a Nueterra Capital portfolio company

Nueterra Capital portfolio company Healium recently won the P & G Ventures Innovation Challenge, sponsored by P&G Ventures, the early-stage startup studio within Proctor & Gamble. Healium will receive a $10,000 cash prize, the opportunity to partner with P&G Ventures, and other benefits. Healium’s winning pitch centered on a “digiceuticals aisle” where its “mental health hygiene” products could be sold alongside physical hygiene products in drugstores or other retailers. You can read the Business Insider article here.

Healium-Supported “Honor Everywhere” VR Experiences Allow Veterans to Visit War Memorials

Logo for Healium, a Nueterra Capital portfolio company

Healium’s clinically validated mindfulness tool uses virtual and augmented reality apps to help users self-manage stress and anxiety. Healium founder Sarah Hill has found success with another application of their virtual reality platform: giving sick or aging veterans an opportunity to virtually experience their war memorials.

Hill and author Michele Spry created the program Honor Everywhere in partnership with Central Missouri Honor Flight (a branch of the national Honor Flight program), in which veterans are flown to visit war memorials in person, after veterans began contacting Hill to say they were too frail to physically travel on an Honor Flight. As COVID-19 caused flights to be grounded, reliance on Honor Everywhere’s virtual offerings increased.

“Thank you so much for giving by bedridden hospice veterans this opportunity. The headset has brought both tears and laughter as well as opportunities for sharing their stories with family.”
– Family member of Honor Everywhere participant

Honor Everywhere estimates that since 2013, thousands of aging veterans have had the chance to virtually visit their memorials from their bedside, wheelchair, or assisted living center. “Honor Everywhere is Healium’s social purpose program,” said Hill.

These immersive experiences created using stereoscopic 360°, 3D video range from four to seven minutes long. They are available for the World War II Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.; Arlington National Cemetery, the Women in Military Service for America Memorial, and the United States Marine Corps War Memorial (Iwo Jima Memorial) in Arlington, Virginia; the USS Nimitz in Washington State; and soon the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.

“I could tell my Dad really enjoyed it and was completely immersed in the VR. He was waving at people and giving them the thumbs up!”
– Family member of Honor Everywhere participant

Honor Everywhere works with Oculus Go VR headsets. A caregiver can download the Honor Everywhere app and upload it to the headset. For veterans who are not able to purchase or wear an Oculus headset, Honor Everywhere mails “goggles” to veterans; the goggles are returned after use so they can be loaned to veterans on the waiting list. Priority is given to World War II survivors and veterans who are terminally ill. A free augmented reality Honor Everywhere mobile phone app is also available; it works without VR goggles but is not as immersive an experience.

Honor Everywhere is managed in partnership with the Central Missouri Honor Flight,
Ohio’s Hospice and the American Pride Program at Ohio’s Hospice, and the Veterans United Foundation.

For more information or to request an Honor Everywhere experience, visit