With us, you have a
solid foundation for growth

Partnering with top-notch management teams, we offer a range of advisory services that strengthen the companies in which we invest. We help our partners identify, prioritize and take advantage of potential growth opportunities, offering the capital, vision and strategic resources they need to grow their businesses.

Human Resources

With our human resources and organizational development services, we help you train your team to handle personal and professional challenges while working more efficiently. We are also able to act as the employer for portfolio companies, in which case our HR team takes care of key personnel functions, including taxes, leave administration, benefits and more.

  • Procure and manage benefit and insurance plans
  • Manage and administer compensation, payroll and regulatory functions
  • Develop and maintain policies and procedures related to
    • Recruitment and retention
    • Organizational development and training
    • Orientation and on-boarding
    • Working conditions
  • Provide consultation and oversight on employee matters
  • Manage employment law issues and regulatory issues
  • Provide Safety Management program including training and support

Project management

Our project management team ensures that all of your strategic operations run seamlessly. With strategic planning and coordination, our PM teams provide routine updates that keep people on track and ensure quality outcomes.

  • Methodology & process development
  • Project integration & alignment
  • Organizational change management
  • Resource management
  • Project evaluation & strategic planning
  • Budget & schedule management
  • Management & allocation of staff
  • Development & management of online project management tools


Our experienced marketing team has one purpose: to promote the values and benefits of every portfolio company that shares the Nueterra Capital vision for revolutionizing healthcare. The team works with a broad range of companies, healthcare providers and service companies, as well as corporate leaders. For all of our partners, we provide growth strategies and comprehensive marketing services that drive long-term expansion and success.

  • Strategic planning
  • Branding & identity collateral
  • Website development
  • Print & online ad development
  • Media & public relations
  • Governmental affairs
  • Video & radio production
  • Event planning and management

Innovations and R&D

This unique team combines research and development (R&D) with innovations. Our R&D experts gather and report data, preparing our portfolio companies for financial and operational success; while our innovations crew works with current and potential partners, generating and executing new business concepts and program opportunities.

  • Market Intelligence Profiles
  • Facility Market Profiles
  • Company & Competitor Profiles
  • IPN Business Support
  • Patient Origin Studies
  • GeoSpacial Map Development
  • List/Data Capture

Finance and accounting

Our experts assist Nueterra Capital partners with all aspects of financial planning and corporate accounting, from start to finish. We help partners do everything from establishing accounts and lines of credit to providing financial outlook reports to managing billing services and more.

  • Financial benchmarking, forecasting & modeling
  • Establish & manage financial accounts
  • Due diligence review & merger/acquisition support
  • Lines of credit & leases
  • Monthly financial reporting
  • Operational assessment & budget development
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Managed care & payer contract reviews
  • Payment posting & collections management
  • PPS & monthly impact analysis

Legal and risk management

We know legal consultation is critical for all of our partners to stay up to date on compliance and risk management issues. Because of our single-minded focus on the healthcare industry, our legal team is uniquely equipped to help partners mediate disputes or proceedings.

  • Review legal agreements & contracts
  • Insurance due diligence
  • Risk strategy and plan design
  • Insurance marketing and placement
  • Alternative risk financing solutions
  • Insurance carrier relations
  • Risk management consulting
  • Claims reporting and oversight
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